DCX Chrome, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delachaux group, is the leading producer of aluminothermic chrome metal.

Driven by a continuous focus on quality, service and innovation, DCX Chrome has been producing high quality material for over 80 years

We are the precursor in the development of high purity degassed chrome metal – DDB, originally patented by DCX Chrome - Delachaux.

We also have an unparalleled expertise and know-how in chrome metal powders, using unique grinding technologies.

Based in France, we are a major supplier of chrome metal to the superalloy, special steel, hard-facing, welding, powder metallurgy and aluminium industries, and supply customers worldwide.

DCX Chrome is certified ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001.

Product Airmelt Lump Product DDB Double Degassed Briquette High Purity
    Delachaux Clarence


    Clarence Leon Delachaux started an industrial company dedicated to the tramway, developing an aluminothermic welding process for rail tracks.

    Delachaux Gennevilliers


    Delachaux starts producing chrome metal in Gennevilliers, close to Paris, France

    Industry Aerospace


    Delachaux starts supplying chrome metal to the Defense Logistics Agency (USA Stockpile)

    DCX Chrome Napoleon USA


    Delachaux Metal Inc., an Ohio-based USA subsidiary for warehousing and supplies of chrome metal to the USA market, is founded

    Product DDB Double Degassed Briquette High purity


    Delachaux initiates production of patented DDB (double degassed briquettes)

    DCX Chrome Headquarter Marly


    Relocation of our production facilities to Marly (Northern France) to increase production capacity to 12,000 tons/year

    Product Chrome Alumina


    In-house valorization of chrome metal by-product : chrome alumina

    Groupe Delachaux Colombes


    Delachaux Metals Division is renamed DCX Chrome (Delachaux Group)


Chrome metal



Chrome Metal : Airmelt grade – Min 99.4%

Chrome metal airmelt grade is produced through an aluminothermic reaction from metallurgical chromium oxide and aluminium powder. Depending on the required specification, this grade can be produced as lumps or granules.
Contrary to ferrochrome, which is produced by direct reduction of metallurgical grade chrome ore, the raw material for the production of aluminothermic chrome metal is metallurgical chrome oxide, produced by the chrome chemical industry from chemical grade chromite.


Different grades of airmelt can be produced through the aluminothermic process, to meet specifications, at a competitive price.
DCX Chrome can adjust the chemical elements depending on customer requirements, and can support its customers in their product developments.

Applications and industries

Chrome metal airmelt grade is primarily used in air or vacuum melts for the production of special steels and nickel or cobalt superalloys, for different industries :

  • Aerospace
  • Exploration and production of oil & gas
  • Power generation
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries

It can also be used to produce hardfacing alloys, and aluminium- or copper-based master alloys.




Chrome Metal Vacuum Grade : Min 99.6%

Chrome metal vacuum grade, also called ATVG (AluminoThermic Vacuum Grade), is produced through an aluminothermic process. ATVG, produced in chrome metal ingots, is then crushed to produce lumps or granules.


Chrome metal vacuum grade is produced with tight specifications, to ensure gas content is as low as possible. The chemical composition of ATVG can be adjusted, depending on raw material quality and on the chemical reaction formulation, to minimize nitrogen content or other chemical elements.
Such a process is used to produce low nitrogen chrome metal (N 50ppm max) or ultra low nitrogen chrome metal (N 25ppm max).
Analyses are carried out by our internal laboratory for each production lot to ensure that the chemical composition is detailed and accurate, guaranteed with a certificate of analysis.

Applications and industries

Chrome metal vacuum grade is primarily used in vacuum induction melting furnaces (VIM), for the production of special steels and nickel or cobalt-based superalloys in many industries :

  • Aerospace
  • Exploration and production of oil & gas
  • Power generation
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries




DDB - High purity chrome : Min 99.75%

DCX Chrome – Delachaux originally patented the manufacturing process to produce DDB, a high value-added material, thanks to our expertise and know-how in the degassing process at high temperature.
The high purity degassed chrome metal – DDB comes with a min. Cr 99.75% content, with a very low content of oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur.


DCX Chrome has a unique expertise for the production of high purity chrome briquettes. Specific grades have been developed :

  • To reach extremely low sulfur content, for the production of single crystal superalloys :
    • DDB ULS Ultra Low Sulfur (S < 10ppm)
    • DDB XLS eXtra Low Sulfur (S < 5ppm)
  • To reduce even further the oxygen and nitrogen contents :
    • DDB ULO Ultra Low Oxygen (O < 250ppm)
    • DDB ULN Ultra Low Nitrogen (N < 15ppm)
  • Or to reach extremely low Iron and Silicium contents :
    • DDB LFeSi Low Iron and Silicium (Fe < 800ppm ; Si < 250ppm)

DDB can in many applications replace electrolytic chrome metal, which has a high environmental impact.
DCX Chrome can adjust the quality of the material to best meet customers’ specifications.
We can also produce high purity DDB powders for specific applications.

Applications and industries

DDB is normally used for the production of high quality superalloys, produced in a vacuum induction melting furnace (VIM), often followed by remelting operations in an ESR furnace (Electroslag Remelting) or a VAR furnace (Vacuum Arc Remelting).
DDB is primarily used for the production of cobalt or nickel based superalloys for various industries :

  • Civil and military aerospace
  • Land-based turbines
  • Automotive industry
  • Other cutting-edge industries

Superalloys can then be processed by lost-wax casting, to produce bars, billets, forgings, closed-die forgings, or atomized for the production of superalloy powders to be used in hot-isostatic pressing (HIP) or for additive manufacturing (3D printing).




Chrome metal powder

Chrome metal powders are used for the production of welding electrodes, flux-cored wires, for thermal spray, aluminium hardeners and powder metallurgy applications.
Grain size distribution and chemical analysis are guaranteed through a strict process and quality control

A specific process

Chrome metal powders are produced using a specific grinding and sieving process.
High purity chrome metal powders are produced by grinding and sieving high purity degassed chrome metal (DDB).

Chemical composition and particle size distribution

Chrome metal powders have unique corrosion resistance properties, together with wear and oxidation resistance. They are made to order depending on customers’ specifications.
Chrome metal powders can be used :

  • To produce hardfacing cored welding wires, joining and cladding cored wires, nickel or cobalt based.
  • For the production of welding electrodes, for superalloys, special steels and stainless steels.
  • For the production of blends used for thermal spray.
  • For powder metallurgy applications, including copper-chrome contactors for vacuum interrupters

In addition to specific chemical specifications, chrome metal powders are produced to order with specific grain size distributions, controlled and certified by our internal laboratory.


Chrome metal powders are used in the following industries :

  • Civil and military aerospace
  • Automotive industry
  • Surface treatment
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Energy : exploration, production and distribution
  • Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
  • Medical




Chrome nitride : additive to adjust residual nitrogen in superalloys

Production of medical grade alloys. The nitrogen content can be adjusted upon request. Chrome nitride powder can also be used in the welding industry (welding électrodes and flux-cored wires).

A specific process

Chrome nitride is produced by nitriding high purity degassed chrome metal at high temperature.

Unique properties

The use of chrome nitride gives alloys a high wear resistance, improves the tensile and fatigue properties and mechanical strength, and reduce ductility.
It is especially recommended for the following industries :

  • The manufacturing of orthopedic implants (knee, hip, etc.)
  • The production of dental alloys

Such alloys containing chrome nitride can be forged or cast, or produced by powder metallurgy processes.

Cobalt Alloys produced with Chrome nitride are characterised by :

  • A high corrosion resistance making it suitable for the production of implants in contact with living tissue
  • A high level of mechanical strength making it possible to produce very thin parts with a high level of safety




Chrome carbide : Production of cobalt or nickel alloys for welding and hardfacing.

Carbon content can be adjusted upon request.

A specific process

Chrome carbide is processed by blending pure carbon black and chrome metal, followed by a sintering process.

Wear resistance

Chrome carbide is primarily used for giving alloys a high wear resistance.
It is used in many industries :

  • Welding (electrodes and flux cored wires)
  • Industrial coatings where nickel based powders containing chrome carbide and used for thermal spray will give material a high corrosion, abrasion and oxidation resistance. These coatings can be processed by HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel), HVAF (High Velocity Air Fuel), or by plasma spray
  • The manufacturing of cutting tools, where chrome carbide improves the wear resistance.


Typical applications include the production of :

  • Hydraulic rods
  • Turbine blades
  • Engine valve spindles
  • Fuel rod mandrels
  • Valves used in chemical processing
  • Ball valves

Chrome carbide can also improve material characteristics compared to traditional hard chrome plating.




Chrome alumina : a high value added by-product

Chrome alumina is generated during the production of aluminothermic chrome metal. It is crushed and graded to be produced in grains.
Chrome alumina is a very hard aggregate, with no free silica. It is resistant to high temperatures and thermal shocks, and has high erosion and abrasion resistance properties.

An extreme hardness

Chrome alumina, the aluminothermic chrome metal slag, is crushed and sieved by DCX Chrome to produce grain sizes to meet customers specifications.
Chrome alumina has an extreme hardness (MOHS hardness 8.4), and a high resistance to mechanical stress that makes it a perfect abrasive media for blasting. Chrome alumina also has a high resistance to high temperatures and thermal shocks, that makes it an interesting material for the production of refractory castables and mortars.


Chrome alumina is used in many industries :

  • Refractory industry (castables and mortars)
  • Steel slag conditioning
  • Blasting abrasives
  • Hardeners for industrial flooring
  • Road surfacing




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