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NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Chrome Carbide Granules

Responding to Customers’ requirements is one of DCX Chrome top priorities. Following up on that objective, we are proud to introduce the Chrome Carbide Granules within our range.

Chrome Carbide is renowned for its high corrosion resistance and hardness value and is broadly used in many industries such as: Medical, Coating, Mechanical Tools and Automotive Components.

There are numerous applications to the use of Chrome Carbide Applications. Please find below 3 examples for your information:

Welding electrodes: Chromium Carbide welding electrodes are used more and more (instead of ferrochrome electrodes) for their more superior and consistent results.

Thermal spray: high degree of corrosion and wear resistance for the aerospace industry

Cutting tools: tungsten carbide powder is the most common material in a cutting tool that is sintered with Chrome Carbide. Chrome Carbide is specifically added to improve toughness of the cutting tools.

Granules size distribution varies from 4 to 7mm. This specific size was developed to allow our customers to be more precise with the weight of Chrome Carbide to be used in their heats.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote or any questions about this product.

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